Fleetline Coachworks Limited case study

Fleetline Coachworks Limited is a multi-manufacturer-approved accident repair centre, specialising in maintaining the highest standards in vehicle repairs. They contacted RedDoor’s subsidiary business, CyberAdvisor, to help achieve their Cyber Essentials certification.

Why the Cyber Essentials certification?

In their line of work, Fleetline Coachworks’ adherence to the highest standards is not only a requirement from their work providers and manufacturer approvals but also crucial for the integrity and security of their operations. Cybersecurity is a paramount concern, given the increasing threats in the digital landscape. Hence, they sought the Cyber Essentials certification to bolster their defences against potential cyber threats.

Experience with CyberAdvisor

Fleetline Coachworks said CyberAdvisor demonstrated professionalism in managing and executing the necessary steps to achieve the Cyber Essentials certification. Sam Silvester, Fleetline Coachworks’ Finance Director said,

“CyberAdvisor managed the whole process and ensured it was completed thoroughly and efficiently.”

Process for Cyber Essentials certification

CyberAdvisor undertook a stringent review of Fleetline Coachworks’ systems ensuring compliance with the five Cyber Essentials technical controls. As their managed service provider (MSP) CyberAdvisor ensure all Fleetline Coachworks’ systems are kept up to date with the latest security updates anyhow, but having a final review before completing certification always ensures that extra step is covered, and no stone is left unturned.


Since obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification, Fleetline Coachworks has experienced notable benefits. They consistently pass regular and stringent audits from their work providers and manufacturers, showcasing their commitment to maintaining the highest standards. This certification has instilled confidence in their team, knowing that their security processes are up-to-date and robust enough to guard against potential cyber threats.

CyberAdvisor’s support in achieving the Cyber Essentials certification has not only fortified Fleetline Coachworks’ cybersecurity measures but has also positioned them as a trusted and secure partner in the automotive industry. They appreciated CyberAdvisor’s commitment to excellent service and their role in enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture.

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