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Cloud Storage... Fast, safe & big on simplicity...

With RedDoor Cloud Storage you can store your photos, videos, music and documents both safely and securely and access everything from any device anywhere. Share the files you choose with the people you choose they don't even have to be users of our service... Get unlimited space to backup your computer and enough storage to satisfy even the most prolific businesses, photographers and videographers

We are big on what matters

RedDoor are a friendly British company that will make it easier, cheaper and quicker for you to store and share your critical business data, photos, videos, music and more. Whether you need cloud backup, cloud storage or both, we give you everything you need at a really low fixed price...

  • Great customer service
  • Over 95% customer retention
  • Trusted and reliable local service
  • Realistic and affordable pricing
  • We understand budget pressures

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