Next-generation threat protection delivers security across Microsoft 365 application

As its clients continue to embrace new ways of working, Managed Service Provider (MSP) RedDoor uses Datto SaaS Defense to protect users from malicious attacks
on emails, shared drives and other communications channels.

• Datto’s platform provides comprehensive and integrated Microsoft 365 security
• RedDoor customers benefit from intelligent cybersecurity they can trust
• Invisible email protection can be deployed in minutes

SAAS defense integration for networks from RedDoor IT support

Delivering world-class IT support services to businesses in London and the Southeast, RedDoor, based in Croydon, is a trusted partner that intimately
understands the needs of its clients – from PC and server support to web hosting, cloud storage and cyber security. Founded on the belief that professional IT
services are bespoke to each business, RedDoor prides itself on creating IT ecosystems that are efficient, cost-effective and secure

During the pandemic, as businesses made radical changes to their processes and how they organised their workforces, robust and comprehensive cybersecurity was often lacking, especially within communication channels such as email. As RedDoor’s clients continue to navigate the pandemic and rely heavily on cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, and Teams, digital security is still critical to this new way of working. Microsoft 365 is the email environment of choice for RedDoor’s customers, so securing this channel against malicious attacks is crucial for business continuity.

RedDoor determined that having a comprehensive security system in place that is not only flexible but also integrated into Microsoft 365 is critical. Datto SaaS Defense was the perfect choice as it provides a full range of advanced threat protection features to defend against malware, ransomware, business email compromise and phishing attacks, giving RedDoor’s clients peace of mind knowing that threats are stopped at the first encounter before they can cause serious damage.

Datto SaaS Defense is not a passive security application. On the contrary, the system is dynamic and intelligent – able to watch for malicious attacks by analysing the composition of a safe email, chat or document. Using machine learning, the solution can proactively identify and protect against zero-day threats across the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Given that security automation continues to expand, this level of intelligence was critical for RedDoor and their clients

As email remains a primary communications channel used by bad actors to infiltrate the systems of our customers, we wanted to ensure we had a robust and comprehensive defence system to offer our clients. Datto SaaS Defense was the clear standout  application when we looked at the marketplace.
Barry Hannah, Technical Director at RedDoor.

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In addition, RedDoor was already using Datto’s backup and data protection solutions as well as Datto’s Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA), so the MSP appreciated how the ecosystem of security and data management products Datto provides can work seamlessly together and are fast and efficient to install. Like other Datto products, SaaS Defense provides an intuitive administrative interface so that users need little or no training.

Security is a constantly evolving space – but as a cloud-based solution, Datto SaaS Defense always remains up to date, with new features available automatically. This enables RedDoor to stay at the vanguard of email security, as Barry Hannah explains: “The email security threats we see today will be very different from those we will see in just a few months’ time, so it was important to  use a security system that grows and evolves as the threat landscape changes and  advances. Datto’s SaaS Defense is the perfect solution to meet this challenge.” With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and complexity, security has never been  more important. RedDoor has taken a significant step to ensure their clients can  use Microsoft 365 with a level of confidence that has not been possible before.

Learn more about Datto SaaS Defense and see how you can secure your Microsoft 365 applications.


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