In today’s ever-digital world, it is essential to keep IT infrastructure, users, and data safe from the risk of cyber threats. Here at RedDoor, we take a proactive approach to all security, offering businesses a high level of security across data and systems using the latest industry-leading tools and software.

Many network security threats are spread across the Internet. They include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, zero-day or zero-hour attacks, hacker attacks, data interception and theft, identity theft, and denial of services attacks. With the number of cyber threats growing, you must prioritise your IT security.

Our focus on security means you can concentrate on core business activities and conduct your business as usual with minimal downtime. Our team also focuses on best practices development and implementation to help futureproof your security.

Many businesses now need to prove cyber security compliance. We can help with various options depending on your requirements and budget. We can help clients in all areas of GDPR compliance and remain PCI-DSS compliant.

We support all major brands

Anti-virus and network security

Security is becoming an ever-increasing issue for businesses and IT. Despite tech giants spending billions on cybersecurity, countless enterprises and government agencies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks of increasing sophistication and complexity.

We take cybersecurity seriously and can audit your system to check that potential vulnerabilities are dealt with and that precautions are taken. We use the very latest security software from companies like Symantec to constantly scan for threats and instantly counter any attack. We can help you improve security in your IT environment and navigate any complex compliance requirements.

  • State-of-the-art protection for your systems
  • Dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable engineers
  • Training on cyber security to yours and ongoing end-user testing
  • Variety of cyber solutions for multi-layered protection
  • Services tailored to your requirements

Don’t worry about your IT security, we’ve got you covered

Preferred solutions

No single security solution will protect you from all threats. So instead, we utilise a range of industry-leading tools to provide multiple layers of security. This includes both hardware and software.

We use Symantec Endpoint Software. This all-in-one security software suite consists of anti-malware, firewall features for servers and desktop computers, and intrusion prevention. Leveraging the power of Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, it detects and removes more malware than other products in its class. It also prevents data loss.

Using unique insight and SONAR technologies, it combines advanced threat protection and virus protection to accurately secure IT systems against known and unknown threats with faster scan times and higher performance. In addition, these systems – that are easy to use and leverage  – will provide protection against sophisticated threats, such as spyware and zero-day attacks.

Symantec Endpoint Software uses a single client and management console to provide protection across multiple physical and virtual platforms. Our engineers have exceptional knowledge and experience about this product. We can provide a training service to educate your staff and implement new systems.


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