A customer of RedDoor IT’s that specialises in providing commercial kitchen equipment to food service businesses worldwide, required a new server to manage their internal systems, file sharing, customer data, and bespoke software.

RedDoor IT was engaged to design and implement the new server infrastructure.

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The Challenge

Existing server was experiencing issues, due to being outdated and struggling to handle the increasing demand for its services. The server was no longer receiving software updates, making it more vulnerable to cyber threats. The customer required a new server that could handle the load and support their growing business. Additionally, they also required a server infrastructure that was scalable, secure, and reliable.

The RedDoor IT Solution

RedDoor IT conducted a comprehensive analysis of the customers business requirements and recommended a new server infrastructure that could meet their current and future needs. RedDoor IT designed a physical server infrastructure that consisted of a powerful physical server. The physical server was configured to host various services, including email, bespoke software, database server, and file server. The physical server was designed with redundancy and backup features to ensure high availability along with business continuity and disaster recovery.

RedDoor IT implemented robust security measures to protect the server from cyber threats. The server was secured with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, ransomware protection and anti-virus software. RedDoor IT also implement regular security patches and updates to keep the server software up to date going forward.

RedDoor IT conducted thorough testing to ensure the new server infrastructure met the customer requirements. The testing involved a series of tests to evaluate system performance, security, and reliability. Once the testing was completed, RedDoor IT deployed the new server infrastructure.

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The new server infrastructure was successfully installed and implemented within the agreed timeline and budget. The new server infrastructure provided Their customer with improved system performance, reduced downtime, and increased security. Internal systems, such file sharing, and bespoke software also improved, resulting in increased productivity and collaboration.

RedDoor IT provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the new server infrastructure operates optimally. RedDoor IT conduct weekly security checks and provide software updates and patches to keep the server software up to date.


RedDoor IT’s expertise in designing and implementing the new server infrastructure has enabled their customer to meet the growing business needs and provide better services to their customers. The new server infrastructure has resulted in improved system performance, reduced downtime, and increased security. the decision to engage RedDoor Managed IT to design and implement the new server infrastructure has been beneficial and has positioned them well for future growth. RedDoor IT’s ongoing support and maintenance have provided the customer with peace of mind and allowed them to focus on their core business.