Day in the life – Kyle Haughton

This month we spent the day with RedDoor’s apprentice, Kyle Haughton. He sat down with us to answer a few questions.

My background

I began my journey with RedDoor in January 2023. Currently, I’m navigating through the final year of my education at Croydon College. In July I will finish my course and join the RedDoor team as a full-time member, moving into a 1st Line Support role, which I’m really looking forward to.

My role

My role as IT Support Apprentice is to ensure RedDoor’s smooth operations through systems monitoring and maintenance.

Some of the ways I maintain the reliability, security, and efficiency of our systems are through software updates and configurations, as well as providing technical support and troubleshooting where needed.

A big part of my job is to implement necessary security measures to safeguard sensitive data from cyber security threats. Part of this involves staying up to date on emerging trends and threats within cybersecurity to stay ahead of potential attacks.

Throughout all of this, RedDoor fully supports my studies. My apprenticeship has been a great way for me to learn about the different roles within managed IT services and work with seasoned professionals to develop my own skills.

Fun facts

Outside of work and college, I like to spend time working on my gaming PC setup, tweaking and optimising it to perfection. I enjoy staying informed on the latest advancements in the ever-changing landscape of IT and am a regular at my local gym, where I channel my energy into staying fit and healthy.

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