Day in the life – Mark Deragon

This month we’re spotlighting our Managing Director, Mark Deragon. Having been the Managing Director of RedDoor IT for nearly 10 years, and with over 30 years of experience in information technology, we caught up with Mark to ask him a few questions.

What is your background?

“Having studied theoretical and mathematical physics in college, I have a deep understanding of technology trends. My expertise spans across a wide range of domains within IT, including managed support, network infrastructure, cyber security, and cloud computing.”

What does your role at RedDoor involve?

“As Managing Director, my role is to lead the team at RedDoor and to drive our success. I encourage the team to always elevate and improve the service they’re providing to our customers. Throughout my career, I have earned a reputation for my strategic vision, innovative solutions, and commitment to delivering results.”

“Day to day I help oversee the technical team at RedDoor, making sure everything runs smoothly to do the best by our customers. We are a close-knit, open team, meaning we are always bouncing ideas or suggestions off one another in the office to help us solve customer problems and maintain the highest quality of service. Ultimately, it is my duty to identify how RedDoor can assist growth within our customers’ businesses, with the help of managed IT services.”

What are some fun facts about you?

“Outside of technology, I have a great passion for golf. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely round with friends or honing my skills on the course, I find solace and joy in the game. I think my dedication to golf mirrors my approach to work – in both, I am disciplined, strategic, and always striving for excellence.”

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